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Perfect Genius Environment & Science Activity Workbook for Class 1, 2 & Olympiad Exams (Ages 6 to 8) (English, Paperback, unknown)

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✍ Perfect Genius Environmental Studies Activity books for Juniors Grade 1 & 2 (based on Bloom's taxonomy) is a MULTICOLOURED product designed on the model of ‘Assessment for Learning.’
✍ This activity book is India’s first books based on the concept of Blooms Taxonomy. It provides exciting and innovative worksheets which will engage a child creatively and push him to stretch beyond his normal self.
✍ Unlike regular books which try only to find out how much a child knows, the Perfect Genius kit measures how well a student has understood concepts and gives feedback on the same, to help him/her improve.
✍ The WORKBOOK contains Interesting Concepts, Quizzes, Puzzles, Activities, Experiments, Games and Exercises in the form of scientifically designed and integrated WORKSHEETS to develop the SCHOLASTIC and COSCHOLASTIC skills of the child.
✍ The Worksheets have been designed on the different learning stages (Bloom’s Taxonomy) Knowledge; Comprehension; Application; Analysis; Evaluation; Creation
✍ There are 2 Parts in the Workbook – Basic Sciences and The world around us.
✍ The Basic Sciences book consists of Living & Nonliving things, plants, animals, human body, materials, earth, universe, food, water, air and their applications.
✍ The world around us book focuses on me, my family, neighbourhood, communication, computers, life skills, attitudes, values, India and the world.
✍ The book also provides Performance Tracker which consists of the list of skills covered in a tabular format. Here the children/ parent can keep the record of the activities completed by the child.
✍ The solutions to all the worksheets are provided at the end of the book.
✍ To make it more interesting for the children each worksheet has been provided with 10 stars. The can get a Club (4 stars), Spade (6 stars), Heart (8 stars) and Diamond (10 stars).
✍ The book helps in building a strong foundation for National & International Olympiad Exams. The book is not based on the syllabus of a single board but cover all the major boards as a whole.