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MTG JEE Foundation PCMB ( Phy + Chem + Bio + Maths) for IIT-JEE/NEET/Olympiad for Class 8 (Set of 4 books) [Paperback] MTG Editorial Board

₹ 900

₹ 1,350


      Mtg Foundation Course Physics + Chemistry + Mathematics + Biology is curated by a team of competent academicians involved in the making of highly recognized books, offers you a complete study package to ace and excel in school as well as competitive exams. The book consists of detailed theory with illustrations followed by solved Examples. Students may grasp unique facts and extra information through competition window and do you know section. Concept maps acts as a beneficial tool in attaining a quick recap of the br>Chapter the book is apt for NTSE/ NVS/KVPY/ boards/ JEE/pets/NEET/ NSO preparation. Students may get the real time experience of examination with practice papers based on latest pattern for CBSE boards, NEET and JEE respectively. Table of content: 1. Matter in our surroundings 2. Is matter around us pure? 3. Atoms and molecules 4. Structure of the Atom 5. Chemical reactions and equations 6. Carbon and its Compounds 7. Periodic Classification of Elements solutions practice papers (for CBSE Board, NEET and JEE Main).