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Cengage Learning India Private Limited

Ultimate Foundation Series for JEE & NEET Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology for Class VIII (set of 4 books)

₹ 1,500

₹ 1,995


The Ultimate Foundation Series is a comprehensive resource to build strong foundation in Science and Mathematics for students who want to pursue engineering and medical education. This series presents an integrated curriculum with transdisciplinary approach aiming to foster inquisitive mindset, critical thinking as well as scientific and mathematical aptitude among the early learners. This series provides a class-tested course material including different levels of practice questions and supplementary digital resources. The content is designed in such a way that the student can understand the concepts on their own without any external assistance. Its comprehensive, in-depth approach and types of assessments will help the learner realize their full potential by learning and applying the acquired knowledge of the subjects in both the school examinations and various competitive examinations.